STARTUP family founded in 2015, CONCEPTUALISE invents and markets solutions dedicated to technological and energy efficiency in homes and businesses. The company, based in Hainaut, Belgium, is driven by passion, excellence and integrity.

From passion is born the company

CONCEPTUALISE is born from a real passion for technology, from the desire to find innovative, original and concrete solutions for our daily environment. Efficiency, performance and control of energy expenditure are the key words!

Our first activity is the management of electronic engineering projects for the automotive sector. At the same time, we are developing our first prototypes, “in-house products”, and it is a success: they prove to be efficient, effective and energy-efficient! The desire to share our solutions then takes shape:

CONCEPTUALISE srl is created on 13 february 2015.

Corporate Mission & Vision

CONCEPTUALISE believes in a growing mastery of technological and energy efficiency. Mastery that goes through innovation and that must necessarily serve the user, the human being for :

Improve your environment, your living environment, your daily life.

CONCEPTUALISE’s mission is the research and development of solutions dedicated to an optimal control of energy and technology in homes and businesses. Driven by the desire to share its solutions to the greatest number, Conceptualise has been distributing them on the market since 2016.

Our key values

Customer & partner satisfaction.

We never lose sight of the purpose of our work: to meet the needs of our customers and partners. We are committed to building a “win-win” relationship based on the satisfaction of all. We listen to you and have the sincere desire to provide you with the most appropriate solutions.


The search for excellence represents a dynamic that ensures quality in all aspects of our work. In all our activities, we give the best of ourselves, with a view to striving for excellence.


Demonstrating integrity in all our actions and decisions is a key attitude for our company. We strive to be ethical, transparent and honest in our activities to ensure our credibility and sincerity with our partners and customers.