TNT & Satellite Local Streaming

STREAMY is the MultiMedia solution developed by CONCEPTUALISE. We have a recognized expertise in electronic engineering and have put all our know-how to develop an efficient and intelligent product that will enhance your MultiMedia experience.

Instead of using global streaming which has a tremendous ecological impact, we designed STREAMY which provides local streaming service with a very low electricity consumption.

Your personal digital content on a single media.

All your photos, music, videos, accessible from all your media: television, tablets, mobile phones and computers.

HD & 4K TV without decoder and without cables.

Satellite and TNT on all your media: television, tablets, mobile phones and computers.

Streamy solution multimédia

How does it work ?

Two devices : STREAMY Client / Server and a NAS on the same network.


This board was designed internally and can be assembled as server or as client




One NAS: store & access to your digital content.

Your photos, videos, music and other files stored on a single space and accessible by Wifi network on all your media: television, computer, smartphone, tablet.

STREAMY: Digital TV on all your devices.

Watch your favorite channels on all your devices. STREAMY allows the reception of Digital Satellite TV (DVB-S), Digital Terrestrial TV DTT (DVB-T) but also the reception of IP TV (free channels). 

STREAMY : your clever multimedia choice!

Quick & Easy Access

à tout votre contenu et à toutes vos chaînes depuis tous vos appareils.

Stability and efficiency

d’un système autonome et intégré.

YOU help the planet

with a low carbon footprint


STREAMY : a complete smart MultiMedia service
and customized advice to enhance your MultiMedia experience.