ZéroWatt : Energy savings

CONCEPTUALISE integrates the concept of energy efficiency in all its solutions. With the development of the Zero-Watt electricity saver the logic is pushed to the end, and becomes an end in itself.

When you are not at home or you are sleeping, ZEROWATT disconnects all unused electrical circuits and therefore killed all residuals currents. You reduced your bill & the planet say THANK YOU.

15% d’économie.

The Zero-Watt Electricity Saving Device allows you to intelligently and optimally control your electricity consumption, resulting in savings of up to 15%!

Reduce your electricity invoice cost.

Energy efficiency and power consumption.

By increasing the energy efficiency of your electrical installation, you minimize energy consumption for an equivalent service. An ingenious “eco-attitude” to limit the waste of electricity.

Save money while preserving the environment.

How does it works ?

The so-called “passive” consumption of appliances on standby represents on average 15% of a home’s electricity consumption!

A simple command to turn off your appliances.

The ZeroWatt power saver allows you to cut the power supply to all your standby devices with a single gesture.

Disconnection of unused electrical circuits.

The electricity saving device, placed directly on the electrical panel, interrupts unused circuits at your request, independently of the others.

Your electrical installation goes into standby mode.

At night or during your absence, depending on your needs or your installation, several modes are possible and customizable.

Your electrical installation and its circuits

to control the system .

to drive the contractor.

cut targeted circuits.

A guaranteed return on investment!

The purchase of the Zero-Watt energy saving device already pays for itself after 2 or 3 years of use!  The results are concrete and measurable on your bill from the first few months.

Take control of your electricity expenses, reduce waste: the savings begin!

ZéroWattTake control !