A memristor is the lowest energy electronic component. The technology is just at its premisses but it will open a new area of ultra low energy design. 


Invented in 1971 by Leon Chua, the memristor component becomes now accessible for end user. Considered as the fourth electronic missing component, this network mimics synaps plasticity.

Due to Covid pandemic, 2020 wasn’t a conventional year wordwide. Instead of stopping its commercial activities , CONCEPTUALISE took the opportunity of the lockdown to start an internal self-funded program around memristors. We believed that memristors will become a key component in near future. After a deep literature research, memristors applications are very wide ( from analog electronic to neuromorphic processor )

The first phase of our program will be to understand as deep as possible this promising component. We decided to split the main program in several agile projects. The first project launch is called SOAP ( Single Operational AmPlifier ). Of course , there is a lot of easy design with classic component to reach the same result, but again the target is to grab experience with this new component to be able to compare apple / apple for the best next steps orientations.

SOAP Boards

We identify several programming technique of memristors. To measure & compare these methods we develop simple boards. These boards requirements are simple, offering several configuration memristors’s mode and in second step using the programmed memristors into a simple electronic function.

The simple electronic function for SOAP is simple gain amplifier ajustement. Depending on SOAP results a second project will be launched around multistage analog filters.