Energy Savings is a mindset and a design requirement, at each studies we are taking special care to use the lowest energy electronic component and an optimised architecture.


Coming from the industrial world, our team has built up extensive experience in various sectors (automotive, banking, aerospace, military, consumer electronics). Led by its funder, a true electronics enthusiast cumulating an experience of more than 25years, we are at your disposal for all your simple or complex electronic design projects.

Entrust us with your CONCEPT, oUr team will reALISE it!


Our procedures testify our professionalism and are based on the « V » cycle. 

We will support you at the start of the project by defining your needs as well as writing the requirements.

This crucial step will provide us/you with a full traceability during foreseen verification at the end of the cycle.

An initial analysis will be done and will provide a global architecture (HW and/or SW).

The development phase will start by schematics creation, layout & low level software writing.

The “debug” & test phase will start on prototypes produced by us in partnership with our manufacturing subcontractors and this within a short delay.

Finally, we will also support you in obtaining the necessary certifications ( CE or others) and through  the validation process ( EMC, vibrations , … )

After the different iterations & keysteps defined at the start of the project, we will prepare your product for production. Small (<1000 pcs) or large series (<100,000 pcs), we will guide you to the final step in collaboration with our manufacturing partners.

Key Reviews will be defined at the start of the project and will allow you to follow your project progress. This will give you the opportunity, if necessary, to modify some technical aspects during the process.


We offer full flexibility. Pricing at phase or hourly, we will respond as best as possible to your request. Your success is our success !

You wish a one-time expertise: requirement writing, PCB layout or just few prototypes? Just contact us and we will define together the best solution to minimize your costs

Our brief expertise list

memristors, NFC, UHF RFID, HyperRam, Flash, DDR RAM, µP, µC, FPGA, Discretes, Power Supplies, USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Wifi

C, ASM, VHDL,Verilog, python, Linux, OSX, WIN, tcl/tk

Alu, Flex & Rigid PCB (up to 8 layers)